New Day!

So, I’ve toyed around with the best way to handle my blog.  Early on I did weekly updates, gathering together events from the week, new work, featured older work and my general thoughts on the value of coffee and the meditative properties of laundry.  Then I made a switch to very frequent posts with more focus on the pictures and less on non-art related musings.  While the frequent posts have brought my blog to the attention of more people, I find it less personally satisfying.

Because I am endlessly self-involved, personally satisfying wins out.  From here going forward I’ll be doing a blog post on Sundays to recap the week.  There will still be lots of art involved … because that’s what I do, but I feel like this has turned into a ‘promotion machine’ – which makes me feel yucky.

Have a wonderful Tuesday ya’ll, I’ll see you again on Sunday!

“Clothespin Knight 8″

“Clothespin Knight 8″ – pen and ink doodle art, a knight made out of clothespins.  Don’t ask, I went through a phase.  You’ll note this is #8 … it was a long phase.

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“Placebo” – my children were horrified when I explained to them what placebo meant, they never looked at their teddy bears the same again!



“Tranquil Destination”

“Tranquil Destination” – this is how my Sundays go, beautiful and complex. Nowhere I’d rather be. Just listed:

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“Windup Patriotism”

Lord what a beautiful Sunday. Coffee and laundry and happiness just oozing between my toes like sand on the beach!

“Windup Patriotism” –

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“Happy Fish”

Still updating photos and ran across this guy. When I showed it to my mom she said “it looks like a couch exploded.” Love you ma!

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Gift Cards Now Available

Prepping for the holidays already! Gift cards now available in the shop – a nice way to support the arts and gift a unique gift.


Cross Country Love

Sending love (and artwork) to Portland this morning!


“Fish Eyes”

I JUST woke up! I love it that the kids have gotten big enough that I can sleep to 9! LUXURIOUS! I hope your Saturday morning is just as amazing as mine!

“Fish Eyes” :

fish eyes original 2


“Anchored” – that pattern in the background is so trippy:

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