Sycorax Is Here!

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The day has finally arrived! Sycorax is printed, folded, stapled, pressed, and ready to fly out into the world (on a broomstick, obviously. or mortar & pestle – whatever’s more your speed). This zine has been a real labor of love. We’ve learned about a million lessons along the way. Sometimes it felt like we would never be finished – but we are! And we’re so excited to show it to you.

Each copy is hand numbered as part of a limited edition of 50. Every zine is full-color and bound by hand. Get your copy today at our Etsy shop – and quick, before they sell out!

We want to thank everybody who contributed to and helped us with this issue – you know who you are, and your advice, love, and support made it all possible. We love you.

And we love you too, dear reader. We really…

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Awhile back I was listening to A Short History of Nearly Everything and fell absolutely in love with Bryson’s writing.  He is an absolute joy to read (and to listen to).  While listening I drew this.  Now, for those of you who know what Bill Bryson looks like, this is clearly not an accurate portrait … but he remains my inspiration.

"Bryson" - click for listing

“Bryson” – click for listing

General Musings

It’s possible that I may be finally accepting this whole ‘art thing’ as a thing, a professional thing, a thing I can make money at and enjoy and promote and love.

I’m working my way through two book illustration projects, have launched the Moment Project, am awaiting publication in both the Red Kitty Zine and Catapult, prepping for my first show and finally, starting on some album art for a band in Sweden.  That’s alot of stuff going on.  Meanwhile, I sip my coffee and scratch my demons out and prep my sales shipments … and I just putter on.

This is a real thing isn’t it?


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