“Broken” – Poetry art!

“Broken” – a little piece of poetry art. https://www.etsy.com/listing/200619186


“Broken” – click for listing

Poem reads:
hungry is empty, hollow and ache
satisfied is safety, solidity and permanence
she feared the echoing rumble
feared the emptiness
feared the judgement of others
appearances matter
she bluffed complete and assure
and she flailed
for what would fill her

course after course of men left
pained by the sustenance she stole
in the dark of night
shadows of laughter

friends driven away
startled by her insatiable appetite
discordant jokes

but her children …
several small meals a day
embraced the nurturing
the giving back
the debt owed
for the gift of life

just as she had with her own mother

the fattest of them all

glutted with the will
of her child

Pardon my reach

NEWS: Show Update

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