Color Me 2020! – New Release

Five Years Gestation for this one … that’s an old baby!

I released Color Me 2015, almost exactly five years ago, and a few months past it occurrecd to me that I really did have enough material to launch a follow up. Thus, Color Me 2020 was born. These are a collection of older images that I’ve always really loved and newer pieces, sketches that became paintings and drawings that were a balm and a home to me for a time.

It feels like a small yet mighty thing, to drop something like this in the middle of a pandemic, while the West Coast burns and we are learning of the monstrosities done to women in the ICE concentration camps.

All art feels like an act of revolution. I don’t stop. I won’t stop. I make magic and I endeavor to inspire magic in others in both small and big ways. We are audacious, those of us who continue to create. We spit in the eye of despair.

Come spit with me!

With much love, Heather

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