Studio Saturday – Will She Save It?

Well I have just spent hours and hours doing only things that feel good and nourishing and relaxing. It’s been an amazing day.

First I pull out this sketch from several months ago and go to work, fleshing it out more and finally inking her. Sometimes I go weeks without using the Copics, busy with pencil sketches or painting… I sometimes forget they are home to me. Picking them up this morning it was like coming home from college, the bay window in the kitchen steamed over and the house humid with the smell of chicken and noodles. Home.

Several hours of drawing while listening to ‘The Magnus Archives’ podcast (which is amazing, serialized supernatural archive podcast … and Jonathan Sims has the most wonderfully soothing voice) our power went out. So I decided to read for an hour or so… and then (power restored) I head back into the studio to do some painting.

This painting is trouble. I had a drawing I thought might be interesting in oil so I gave it a go.

Now, I love the sun and I love the huts and I love the bird on the top right … and there the love stops. Those two in the front! What are they even about! The ‘goose’ is almost okay. I like the contrast of the white on the yellow but that fool ass on the left is all wrong from a color standpoint and the more I look at him in general the less I like the cut of his jib.

So I decide to try a cover up!

Now we’re taking!!! But there is a shadow of the other figures remaining (I’m sure I could have googled a technique for better covering but I clearly did not).

So some detail there will help! And oh I am sure that some white flowers over there will do it.

Coverage is better… I feel like more detailing is needed in the leaves but this feels like something I can work with.


The other figures are still there from certain angles.

Which means soon there will be another wild experiment! CODE BLUE man. Code Blue

UPDATE: 10/01/2020

I did not save it.  Here’s the thing.  I looked at it and thought of texturing options and THEN I realized how very much I simply didn’t like the bland image that was emerging.  Saving it would have been necromancy … it was already dead.

The canvas, however, lives on…


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