Desk Doodling

My eldest daughter needed a new desk and I found this for a steal. BUT, she doesn’t love the light wood – the contrast is too harsh for her. So I volunteered to doodle the legs with sharpie … it seemed a solid endeavor and man was I right!

Sharpie doodling is, literally, where I got my start. Back in 2013 I picked up a sharpie and a canvas and made my first ever any kind of art.

I call him my honey badger and he lives in my studio still. These are my roots, these doodles, and this desk work has been a kind of homecoming.

That one on the left makes me particularly happy. I wish everyone had something in their lives that brought them joy like this does me.

The whole process, snuggling in on a couch, blankets and movies or audiobooks, my hand moving and my eyes evaluating and my soul fully and completely settled. It’s brilliant.

I’ve one more leg to do and then the small side pieces at the top … a few weeks work, I reckon.

I am so blessed.

-update 12/18/2021

And … I could not be more pleased! What a badass desk!

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