Bamboo Ice – A Journey

As a whole it needs help but that bottom right corner!

Then I was wondering about hot wax and oil paint … because, well it’s oil and susceptible to heat. So I lit a candle!

And I plopped some blobs.

And after a few days I peeled them off.

This is a subtle thing here BUT I think there’s some possibility. What would hot glue do? Could I use wax or hot glue to get an image on a wet canvas? Could I paint over and then remove after? Gods, my people, it is fun to play!

— Finished 12/27/2021

I let this one sit for a bit as I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed.  My next step here was to warm it up, Bob Ross style, with some oranges that looked very much like an indiana fall.

This was not exactly what I was going for, but the warmth of it contrasted against the cool blue was very pleasing.  I gloved a hand and manually spread that paint about to create more of a warm glow than the hard edges.  Then the texture did it’s thing!  This is so magical.  When you put the paint on really thin like you can see the texture of the palette knife strokes from the previous layers.  I decided to play within those lines and create some depth.

Using the same blues and purples as the bottom (and some raw umber because I ALWAYS use raw umber) I started filling in sections based on the texture from the bottom layers.

And I dug it.

And this is where I ended up.  I hesitated to call this done for some time, but now … it’s done.  I enjoy looking at it so much and I don’t have any niggling sensation of ‘incomplete’.

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