Hellraiser Lampshade – A Spooky Journey

First of all, I love the shit out of this shade.  The design has always been stellar and really, this is just well executed mimicry – which I’m pretty darned good at.

The real artistry here, for me, was the India Ink color wash and the damned tenacity.  It took time … LOTS of time.  Hours of sharpies and cramped hands while Servant was on the television (do recommend, Apple+, creepy and alarming and confusing and Lauren Ambrose).

Everyone loves the Hellraiser box – the Lament Configuration – the door to sights and sensation that is both compelling and terrifying.

A friend found me this amazing cube lampshade at a local housewares store and I felt compelled to see if I could make this happen.

I started with a wash of india ink, sepia and yellow ochre and a paintbrush and a bunch of water and a lot of hope – and it delivered. (I ended up not using the black but he photobombed all the pics anyway).

The pattern was done via a printed stencil taped to the inside of the shade and my handy phone flashlight letting me lightbox the image.

And I used sharpies … LOTS of sharpies.  Probably four full pens for the shade.  The texture of the fabric is hard on the pens.

Excited, I lit the bad boy up and was very very disappointed with the way the light coming through washed out the design.  That’s some bullshit.


And it looks amazing inside and out.

It’s become clear to me that the blocking out of light from the inside is a fundamental element for me.  I get real fussy when the light coming through the shade bleaches out the design.  It almost maybe kind of works with this shade, but not really.  The impact of adding the design on the inside is well worth the effort.

I’ve had a few requests to make these available for purchase but that’s just not an option.  Making money off the designs of others isn’t really my bag (not to mention the legal liabilities and I respect Barker’s work, the franchise and the fans … just not gonna happen).  What I will do, and have done, is make two of these for dear friends – because they are just so great.

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