I live in southern Indiana, in a condo because I despise yard work. I live with a cats because they are the best combination of honesty and gentleness, I live close to an intersection with three chicken joints because fried chicken speaks to a part of my soul that knows no words.

During the work day you’ll find me in front of a computer, analyzing spreadsheets or writing sql or scripting emails … also cussing, because it makes me laugh. After work I’m painting or drawing or reading (or drinking and watching Deadwood) – sometimes meeting friends for tea and conversation.

There are days when I swim and days when I eat chicken wings … I am many things.

I’m a joy finder and a magic maker. I assemble home in every corner of my existence and feel the miracle of the act.

More than anything else, I think and I create.

About My Work

I started drawing in 2012 in response to a moment of restlessness and depression.  A Sharpie and canvas were at hand and I gave it a go.  I was 37 and had no idea that I could draw and even less a notion that I wanted to.  After many years of focusing solely on pen and ink work I began transitioning to oil paints with resolve around September 2018.

Thematically I have changed significantly over the years. Much of my earlier work is dark and twisty, filled with a kind of angst and brokenness. Since 2018 there has been a shift toward more whimsy, a toying with the rules of my own emotional traction to see how I can express myself with creation and also how I build myself through it. It goes well.