I am a mother, an artist, an auditor and a dog walker.  As  a recovering pessimist I spend intentional time everyday looking for the good in life and enjoying the small moments that used to go unnoticed.

When I’m not mothering, drawing, auditing or walking I enjoy a dark beer with my friends or a quiet night of Fallout 4.

Oh and books, lots of books.

Minutiae: Console over PC – iPhone over Android – Hellman’s over Miracle Whip – Pepsi over Coke – I think the Beatles are overrated and Shane Dawson is a special kind of awesome.

About My Work

I started drawing in 2012 in response to a moment of restlessness and depression.  A Sharpie and canvas were at hand and I gave it a go.  I was 37 and had no idea that I could draw and even less a notion that I wanted to.  Since that time I have explored painting with various medium, learning the piano and teaching yoga … but when given the option I still select my Copic Multiliners over all other modes of expression.

Thematically I tend toward the dark and twisty but, to my delight, a fair bit of humor sneaks in.  My process is relatively organic as I don’t carefully plan the composition or content of each piece but will begin with blank paper and sketch until something takes hold.  It is a bit like dreaming, the meaning only becoming clear after the images begin to take shape and I can see the patterns and symbolism of the sketch.  It’s enlightening.