IMG_6592I am a mother, an artist, an auditor and a dog walker.  As  a recovering pessimist I spend intentional time everyday looking for the good in life and enjoying the small moments that used to go unnoticed.

When I’m not mothering, drawing, auditing or walking I enjoy a dark beer with my friends or a quiet night of Fallout 4.

Oh and books, lots of books.

Minutiae: Console over PC – iPhone over Android – Hellman’s over Miracle Whip – Pepsi over Coke – I think the Beatles are overrated and Shane Dawson is a special kind of awesome.

About My Work

I started drawing in 2012 in response to a moment of restlessness and depression.  A Sharpie and canvas were at hand and I gave it a go.  I was 37 and had no idea that I could draw and even less a notion that I wanted to.  Since that time I have explored painting with various medium, learning the piano and teaching yoga … but when given the option I still select my Copic Multiliners over all other modes of expression.

Thematically I tend toward the dark and twisty but, to my delight, a fair bit of humor sneaks in.  My process is relatively organic as I don’t carefully plan the composition or content of each piece but will begin with blank paper and sketch until something takes hold.  It is a bit like dreaming, the meaning only becoming clear after the images begin to take shape and I can see the patterns and symbolism of the sketch.  It’s enlightening.

I have been through years of therapy for PTSD and have found much inspiration and healing in EMDR, EFT and IFS.  I’ve worked with my inner child (or my several inner children) and I have seen the benefit of the placebo effect and affirmations first hand. I owe a great debt to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and my personal therapist (Hi Alison!).  I say all of this not because there is a direct correlation between my work and these methods, but because my treatments have become so integral to how I live my life and how I view/think of others in my life that I’m 100% sure it bleeds into my work in ways I haven’t yet discovered.