Burgeoning Curiosity

I lived in fear for a decade.  Afraid so often and so consistently that I moved between two states, acute … More

Risky Behavior

My last post was pretty intense and inspired MOUNTAINS of emails from friends and strangers all over the world. I … More

Forward Thinking

All in all, my life is good.  I have beautiful children, a stable job, interests and hobbies galore, enough money … More

A Sad Progression

It’s been nine months since we decided to separate and he moved out. Nine months of my trying to figure … More

The Purpose of Dancing

It’s 2017 … and I didn’t make any resolutions.  Any of you who have been following along are well aware … More

Living at a ‘7’

It’s been several months since I have completed any new work.  Months of tears and therapy, of hurt and anger … More


I’m not a gamer, not really.  I enjoyed Final Fantasy X on the Playstation and I’ve been known to dabble … More