You never know what will happen

I have problems.

I’m anal retentive by nature. And suffer from generalized anxiety. And after an assault in 2007 I suffer from PTSD. I used to write to ease my mind. But couldn’t anymore after the assault. In 2012 I started to doodle, and it was soothing. So I kept it up. I’ve drawn well over 200 pictures in the last year.

I never drew before.

Not as a child or a teenager or a young adult. I started drawing when I was 37.

I knew my assaulter well.

I continue to hate him to this day. For what he did to me and to my children and to my writing.

But I am aware that had my life gone a different route I may not have discovered how I love to draw.

So for those of you who struggle

and have been hurt or abused or misused or misunderstood; remember, you never know where your torture will take you.

For those of you who can’t draw

or sing or dance or put on mascara without fucking it up; remember, You never know what latent talents you have waiting to be discovered.

For those of you who have stuck by me

and encouraged me and loved me I thank you.

Lastly, For those of you who have read this far

and looked at my pictures and thought WTF??!! I understand. I make the same face sometimes.


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