I swam in the fury and the blame and how I felt again like my body and my experiences and my home and my safety don’t matter – like my daughters don’t matter. Our voices rose together in protest and smashed into the gates of the good old boys club and fell to pieces in the dust at its base … and they (the old boys) laughed … and their wives nervously nodded approval as they swallowed the bile that stirred within them.

“Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter — the uproarious laughter between the two and they’re having fun at my expense.” Dr. Kristine Blasey Ford

Horrified, I saw the confirmation finalized and the headlines turned over and then it is past – this period where we all relived our assaults over and over again and saw our experiences mocked and criticized and picked apart by the very representatives who were hired to serve us.

I find I no longer feel the hurt. I am angry – enraged. If I had the power to bring the full gravity of my fury down onto them … they would remember MY laughter as Dr. Ford remembers theirs.

I’m sorry Mrs. Obama, going high does not present as an option today.

I would have my daughters safe.

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